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2.2. Shelter & Housing - Disaster Relief & Assistance

These sources can help you locate disaster relief and assistance sources. 

Shelter & Housing: Disaster Relief and Assistance

Emergency Management Agencies
This page contains contact information for emergency management agencies and offices for all U.S. States and Territories.

American Red Cross
This assistance locator will guide you to local Red Cross chapters who can then inform you of shelter and other emergency services that they may have in your area.

Disaster Recovery Center Locator
FEMA offers an online Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) Locator that allows individuals to search for Disaster Recovery Centers near them. The locator provides information about each Disaster Recovery Center, such including hours of operation, services offered, and driving directions. You will need to enter you location information. You can search the locator by Address, City, and State and/or Zip Code.

This site has an anonymous online form that you can complete to get an accurate, personalized list of possible assistance. The form questions are directly related to disaster assistance and the response is in the form of a list of possible disaster assistance sources and their online applications.

Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) Hotel Locator
This FEMA page contains a map based directory that allows you to find hotels that participate in the Transitional Sheltering Assistance program. The results from this search does not imply that room is available. You will have to contact the hotels to obtain information.

Salvation Army Housing & Homeless Services
For those facing extreme heat, unbearable cold, wet weather, or other dangerous elements on the street, each Salvation Army homeless shelter is a welcome respite featuring a safe place to eat, sleep, and shower at no cost. The link is to a search mechanism that can locate Salvation Army centers and services in your area.


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