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6.2. Quality Living Inc (QLI)

Quality Living Incorporated (QLI)  

Unrivaled rehabilitation expertise
Relentlessly inspired team
Real-world setting

There are scores of rehabilitation centers across the United States. So why have families like yours, at their most difficult moment, chosen to travel from over 40 states and three countries to Omaha, Nebraska, to QLI?

QLI specializes in neurological injury diagnoses. But your loved one is more than a diagnosis.We treat injuries. We strive to restore function. Most importantly, we understand that true recovery is more than the science of intensive therapy delivered by a team of specially trained clinicians. It is also the art of rebuilding a life. This means anchoring the rehabilitation to identity – who a person is and who that individual can still be. We forge innovative ways to harness that identity to not only guide recovery, but to define life beyond.

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