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2.16. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in CAMBODIA

Cambodian Disabled People Organization
The Cambodian Disabled People Organization is a non-profit membership organization advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in Cambodia.

Children's Surgical Centre
The Children's Surgical Centre (CSC) is a NGO registered in Alaska, USA. CSC is non-profit, non-political, and non-religious, and is widely recognised in Cambodia for supporting the people of Cambodia. CSC aims to improve the quality of life for disabled poor people by providing free rehabilitation surgery. Integral to this mission is a program of training local surgeons and health workers, focusing on the development of sustainable surgical services for Cambodians.

National Center of Disabled Persons
The National Center of Disabled Persons (NCDP) provides people with disabilities access to information, resources and services in order to promote full participation in social and economic activities.

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