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2.6. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in ARGENTINA

Asociacion de Personas y Familiares de Discapacitados Motores
Nonprofit organization for the physically disabled and their families (in Catamarca)

ACCaDi (Common Activities to Different Capabilities)
ACCaDi Foundation (Argentina) aims at integrating handicapped people (mainly children and youngsters) and stimulating therapeutic and rehabilitating processes through non-competitive sports -usually in contact with nature-, as well as sociocultural activities.

Acceso Ya. - Por la Integración y Derechos de las Personas con Discapacidad
A nonprofit organization that advocates for accessibility for people with disabilities in Argentina
Antonio Sacco
Assistive technology site offering free downloads of software for people with physical disabilities

Areneros Argentinos
Cuatriciclos con rampa para personas en sillas de ruedas -- ATVs with ramps for wheelchair users

Centro de Asistencia y Rehabilitación Especial (C.A.R.E).
Promotes assistive technology for people with disabilities in Argentina

Chiari Argentina para toda Hispanoamérica
Syringomielia information, peer support, and advocacy

Comandos Ortopedicos
Adaptive driving products and free assessments

Comisión Nacional Asesora para la Integración de personas con Discapacidad
Argentine National Commission on the Integration Of People with Disabilities

Argentine disability information web site

Fundacion Par
Focus on employment , education, Civil Rights equality for the disabled

Fundación Rumbos
Work towards universal accessibility in an inclusive environment
Nonprofit organization whose mission it is to provide educational, employment, And social opportunities for people with physical disabilities

Fundación Turismo para Todos
A nonprofit organization dedicated to accessible Travel in Argentina

La Usina
Advocate for change in society's attitude towards people with disabilities

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