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2.45. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in INDIA

Ability Foundation
Ability Foundation is a national cross disability organisation established in 1995 as a public charitable trust for the empowerment and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities. Based in Chennai, India, Ability Foundation is involved in pioneering activities, ranging from publishing and media, counselling and referral services, advocacy, and training and employment. Over the years, the Foundation has organized several events all of which aim at dispelling stereotypes and changing public attitudes/perceptions towards disabled persons. The organization works towards an inclusive society and equal opportunities and a level playing field for persons with disabilities stressing on the need to have the right opportunities at the right time.

All India Institute Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
This pioneer Institute is committed to providing rehabilitation services to persons in all categories of locomotor and associated disabilities.

Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust
Amar Jyoti is a voluntary organization rendering rehabilitative services to persons with disabilities through inclusive and integrated education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self-employment since 1981.

Association for People with Disability
The Association for People with Disability (APD) is a Bangalore based organization working since 1959 for children, youth and adults with various types of disabilities – primarily those with physical disability, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, development delay, and speech and multiple disability.

Association of Spine Surgeons of India

Community Outreach Programme (CORP)
CORP has a centre for the handicapped and caters to the educational and medical needs of the deaf and orthopaedically handicapped. A physiotherapist visits community based rehabilitation centres once a week and local health workers have been trained to conduct regular exercise sessions

Helping Hand India
Helping Hand India NGO working National level for Education, Rehabilitation/shelter
and food to economically backward, old ages & Persons with Disabilities & special focus 
on Educational Empowerment for Underprivileged Children, Women & Persons with Disabilities 
as education is a basic human right, similar to food and shelter.

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre provides state of the art facilities for the management of all types of spinal ailments. It has a team of dedicated, internationally trained & acclaimed spine surgeons providing cutting edge medical & surgical technology. The spine service provides comprehensive management of spinal injury, back pain, spinal deformities, tumors, osteoporosis etc.

Institute for the Physically Handicapped
Institute provides the care and clinical treatment to the outpatients in physical therapy with modern electrotherapy and excercise therapy equipment. Occupational therapy outpatient department also provides treatment & rehabilitation to the persons with neurological and skeletal disorders etc.
Kolkata Anjali Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury

MI : Mobility India
Wheelchair users are often forced to remain at home and their independence is curtailed due to inaccessible public transport. Mobility India has launched Wheelchair TAXI service & Wheelchair Bank with the belief that mobility is a basic human right.

National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People India
N.C.P.E.D.P. stresses the need to move away from traditionally held views of charity and welfare to those of productivity and empowerment of disabled people.

Pain & Stroke Rehab Center
Anand Shree Apts
6/32, Hindi Prachar Sabha street
Near: Krishnaswami Kalyana Mandapam.
T.Nagar, Chennai - 6000 17
Phone : 9444138742, 91-044-2432 1998
E-mail : info@pain-stroke.com
Timings: Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM
At the Pain & Stroke Rehab Center we believe that anyone who had to go through a debilitating disease has the right to get back to the community, be a productive or less dependent member of the family, and should achieve it all at the earliest possible time frame.

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled's mission is to provide and equip visually, physically and economically challenged individuals with education, technology and knowledge as well as develop an environment to nurture and enhance their talents in sports and cultural activities to enhance their confidence as human beings.
Spinal Cord Society
The main aims and objects for which the society is established are the advancement of management, training
and research in spinal injuries.
Spinal Cord Society of West Bengal
The Spinal Cord Society in West Bengal is a time – proved organizational venture for developing the whole science, inspiring doctors and people for their services, encouraging newer initiatives and scientific discussion and interaction to spread the modern updates of surgery, medicine and rehabilitation.
Spinal Injured Persons Association
We are a registered self-help group working towards the empowerment of persons with spinal cord injury. We are on a mission to spread awareness and support fellow spinal cord injured persons. Towards this cause, we have been organizing peer support meetings across cities in Tamil Nadu. These peer support meetings usually provide annual free health camps including ultra sound scans, blood, eye and dental tests along with free doctor & physiotherapist consultation. We also host peer discussion groups.

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