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2.74. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in NIGERIA

Physical Therapy Center in Lagos, Nigeria. Physical Therapy Centre (PTC) is an interdisciplinary musculoskeletal clinic offering best practice physiotherapy care in a private and serene environment. Alongside our sister company Ronke Eso & Company we have been providers of physiotherapy care for fifteen (15) years. We have a team of skilled physiotherapists and distinguished consultants who operate in a warm and friendly environment and are trained to modify pain, improve movement and recover optimum function as well as provide preventative advice, through the use of techniques ranging from soft tissue therapy, manual manipulation and mobilization with the use of modalities such as cryotherapy, ultrasonic therapy, iontophoresis and various electrotherapeutic devices.

Joint National Association of Persons with Disability
JONAPWDis an umbrella organization of persons with disability established in Nigeria to promote the rights and development of Nigerians with disabilities. The organization was established in 1992, to represent the interests of the teeming population of persons with disabilities at the local and international level.

Rebuilding Hope on Wheels Initiatives  
This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities particularly wheelchair users and those affected by Spinal Cord Injury /Dysfunction. RHOWI is committed to fostering an inclusive society that enables people with disabilities to live fully engaged lives like any other citizen. At present, RHOWI is at the forefront of disability rights movement, removing barriers to people with disabilities so they live a future they envision. RHOWI staff and volunteers combine knowledge and personal experiences to deliver programs and services to towards producing fully integrated and empowered participants in our society by rebuilding lives.

Joy in Africa Foundation  
Joy in Africa Foundation (JAF) is a  Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), serving young people and vulnerable children in Nigeria. This organisation was founded in 2007, in Delta State Nigeria. With the help of medical volunteers, we offer free medical services to people living in rural areas, especially young people and also donate humanitarian aids including food and clothing to the less privileged families. Promote the independence in young people with Special Needs and children with disabilities by providing rehabilitation Centre for these vulnerable young group of people.



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