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8.6. Everlasting Love series about Sex, SCI, MS and ALS

Everlasting Love video series about Sex, SCI, MS and ALS

This 40 episode series features Dr. Marcalee Alexander along with Dr. Rafe Biggs, Deborah Davis, Hector DelValle and Ligia Andrade Zuniga in an interactive program focusing on sexuality and spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). While the focus of the series is primarily about these disabilities, the information presented is useful to persons with disability, their partners, health care professionals and the general public.

7/5/2021     What is Everlasting Love?

7/12/2021   Turn Me On

7/19/2021   Dating in a wheelchair

7/26/2021   Bringing It Up

8/2/2021     Answering Your Questions!

8/9/2021     Improving Sexual Satisfaction

8/16/2021   Talking Tantra w/ Guest Mitch Tepper

8/23/2021   MS & Sexuality

8/30/2021   MS & Sexuality: Treatments

9/13/2021   Sexual Orientation and Disability

9/20/2021   ALS & Sexuality

9/27/2021   ALS & Sexuality: Part 2

10/4/2021   A Conversation on Sex and Disability... in Spanish!

10/11/2021  A Conversation on Sex and Disability... in Spanish! Part 2

10/25/2021 Surrogate Partner Therapy: An Important Option in Rehabilitation

11/1/2021    Surrogate Partner Therapy: A Personal Experience

11/8/2021   Sexuality Reborn: 30 Years Later

11/15/2021 The M Word

12/6/2021  Sex Toys: The Small Variety

12/13/2021 Sex Toys: The Larger Kind!

1/24/2022  The Psychology of Dating

1/31/2022  The Psychology of Dating: Part 2

2/21/2022 Love Yourself!

2/28/2022 Caregiving and Sexuality

3/7/2022   Aging & Impact on Sexuality

3/14/2022 Successfully Managing Bowel and Bladder for Stress-Free SEX

3/21/2022 Improving Male Fertility

4/8/2022 Marriage and Family

4/11/2022 Improving Male Sexual Arousal

4/18/2022 Disability and Erections

4/25/2022 Pregnancy and Having Kids




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