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2.78. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in PALESTINE

Al-Bureij Rehabilitation Society
Palestine- Gaza Strip- Bureij camp
Telephone: (970) 82 561 616 Fax: (970) 82 553 280
>Email: ahed@bureij.org   BRS_H@mail.com
Contact person: Mr. Ahed al-khatib 
The Al-Bureij Rehabilitation Society (BRS) is an organization committed to rehabilitating people with disabilities and reintegrating them into the community and improving their access to medical services, support, and vocational training. The BRS works to empower families and communities better meet the needs of people with disabilities through increasing public awareness

Medical Aid for Palestinians
Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is a UK charity providing support to the health and medical needs of Palestinians living under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank, to refugees in Lebanon and to other vulnerable communities in the region.

Palestine Save the Children Medical Emergency Project
The project aims at improving the quality of disabled life in the Gaza Strip by providing them with comprehensive psychological and physiotherapy sessions. A series of the rehabilitation sessions will be conducted in addition to the distribution of medical supplies and technical aids such as (electric scooters, wheelchairs, diapers, air bed mattresses and eye glasses). .

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