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2.64. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in MALAYSIA

Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled
Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities, and assist in their total integration into mainstream Malaysian society. Beautiful Gate has established 6 centres throughout Malaysia to provide different services to disabled community locally.

Damai Disabled Persons Association of Sel & F.T. Malaysia
DAMAI is a non-profit organization started by the disabled for the disabled in 1998. Our primary objective is to provide people with disabilities with the necessary skills to be independent.

Double Blessing Independent Living Center
Shuang Fu aims to help disabled persons and former drug addicts to achieve a breakthrough in their lives by teaching them suitable vocational skills to enable them to have better job opportunities. To achieve optimum results, Shuang Fu has provided services such as vocational training including handicraft, recycling, computer skills, job placement, and counseling without any charge to the disabled and underprivileged.
Independent Living and Training Centre
The main aim of the ILTC is to train and provide residents with all the necessary assistance to develop abilities and to maximize their level of independence so that they are able to achieve as full and as possible no matter what their physical disabilities. This is a centre for people with disabilities run by people with disabilities themselves.
Kiwanis Disability Information and Support Centre
The Kiwanis Disability Information and Support Centre is a One-Stop Disability Resource Centre providing information, support and assistance to persons with disabilities, their families and the disability community in Malaysia . KDISC acts as a comprehensive database of disability information, a referral centre for disability services and a centralized body in the Malaysian Disability Network.
Malaysia Information Network for the Disabled
The wide spectrum of information provided here is related to health-care, rehabilitation, education, employment, assistive technology, equipment, transportation, barrier-free environment and possible social-assistance services which are available in Malaysia.
Malaysia Spine Society

Society of the Disabled Persons Penang Malaysia
Over the years, SDPP has been striving hard to fight for the rights of disabled people as well as guiding and encouraging many disabled people, particularly those staying in Penang, Malaysia to live up to their life as to enjoy the rights and the freedom that they should gain in all aspects of life. We are also committed to make Penang accessible to the elderly and the disabled.
Society of the Orthopaedically Handicapped, Malaysia
POCAM, the Society of the Orthopaedically Handicapped, Malaysia, was formed in 1976 by the disabled themselves, and is dedicated to promoting the interests and general well-being of its members and other disabled people in Malaysia.
Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah
Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah is a foundation that caters for people and children with physical disabilities in Perak for the purpose of an 'awareness in rehabilitation services' at the foundation. The Foundation seeks to reach out to every person with a disability and provide the state of the art facilities and services to them, so that they may have a better quality of life and to bring new meaning to living again. The Foundation practices an 'Open Door Policy'. It provides services free of all costs irrespective of race, religion, culture or age. The Foundation strives to achieve love, peace ad hope through its services, especially to the rurally poor.

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