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4.1. Transition Overview

Often overlooked in the chaos of separating from active military service, but perhaps one of the most critical arrangements that must be made, is the arrangement for the veteran's, and his or her family's, health care insurance. It is very important that before you leave military service, you arrange for health insurance to protect yourself and your family from medical debt.

While it is quite likely that health insurance will accompany your new civilian job, you will be responsible for medical expenses that you or your family members incur during the period between when your entitlement to military health care ends and your private health insurance becomes effective. Accordingly, you should secure private health insurance before your separation. Your Transition Officer can assist you in doing so, as well as the Health Benefits Advisor at any military medical facility.

For those families who are expecting a baby, separating active duty service members who separate from the military prior to the baby's delivery may be eligible to deliver the child in a military treatment facility, even after separation. You should contact the Commander at your military treatment facility to see if you qualify for a post-separation delivery.

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