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LGBTQIA + Resources

1. LGBTQIA+ Digital Collection

1.1. New Mobility Articles

New Mobility often features LGBTQIA people in its articles, but these stories directly deal with queer themes: 

Painting with Pride, http://www.newmobility.com/2021/06/painting-with-pride/    

David Wudel, a young gay man with cerebral palsy, worked out his feelings about coming out as both disabled and queer by taking up painting.

Black Lives Matter: Finding and Reclaiming Who I Am,https://www.newmobility.com/2020/08/black-lives-matter/  —

Kris McElroy writes about what it’s like to be a biracial transgendered man in America.

Here Comes the Bride … and Bride, https://newmobility.com/2013/02/here-comes-the-bride-and-bride/ — Five lesbian couples in which at least one partner has a disability discuss their relationships and the intersection between queer and disabled. 

A Tale of Two Closets, https://newmobility.com/2010/11/tale-of-two-closets/ — Douglas Lathrop writes about coming out as a gay, disabled man. 

1.2. Rooted in Rights

Rooted In Rights is a cross-disability site that tells authentic, accessible stories to challenge stigma and redefine narratives around disability, mental health and chronic illness. Here are some of its articles dealing directly with disability and LGBTQIA themes:

How LGBTQ+ Disabled People Are Celebrating Virtual Pride, https://rootedinrights.org/how-lgbtq-disabled-people-are-celebrating-virtual-pride/ — Alaina Leary writes about celebrating pride in the time of COVID.

Celebrating My LGBTQ+ Pride Helped Me Find Disability Pride, https://rootedinrights.org/celebrating-my-lgbtq-pride-helped-me-find-disability-pride/ — Alaina Leary writes about the intersection of queer and disabled. 

Inclusion of Disabled People in the LGBTQ+ Community is About More Than Accessibility, https://rootedinrights.org/inclusion-of-disabled-people-in-the-lgbtq-community-is-about-more-than-accessibility/— Yolanda Vargas writes about how disabled, queer people are sometimes tokenized in queer spaces. 

How Can I Feel Proud When LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Exclude Me?, https://rootedinrights.org/how-can-i-feel-proud-when-lgbtqia-pride-events-exclude-me/ — Katie Tastrom writes about how queer spaces often aren’t accessible and local queer communities sometimes don’t seem to notice the absence of disabled, queer people.

If Your LGBTQIA+ Pride Event Isn’t Accessible to Disabled People, You’re Missing Out.,https://rootedinrights.org/if-your-lgbtqia-pride-event-isnt-accessible-to-disabled-people-youre-missing-out/ — Alaina Leary writes about how pride events are too often inaccessible to disabled people.

2. LGBTQIA+ Organizations

2.1. RespectAbility

LGBTQ+ People with Disabilities

The LGBTQ+ community and the disability community intersect in significant ways. Below, you can find articles, books, and other resources on the intersection of Disability and LGBTQ+ issues.