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2.70. Spinal Cord Injury Resources in NEPAL

Accessible Nepal Travel — Kathmandu, Nepal
Email:  Connect@AccessibleNepal.Com
Accessible Nepal specializes in accessible tours in Nepal. Their mission is to empower their community by bringing people with reduced mobility closer to the beauties of Nepal. Accessible Nepal offers different tour activities planned in detail for people with physical disabilities, depending on each traveler’s needs.

National Association of the Physical Disabled Nepal
NAPD-Nepal has been effectively carrying out several activities for the development of PwPDs since a decade. It has been proactively working in various developmental sectors to ensure and promote the rights PwPDs. The major activities, it has been doing, are awareness raising, advocacy, lobby, networking, providing skill based trainings, capacity buildings, research and study to explore the disabilities issues, leadership development.

National Disabled and Helpless Upliftment Association
NDHUA has the mission to provide the disabled and helpless people with education, nutrition, medical care, vocational trainings and physiotherapy so that they can rehabilitate in the community.

Nepal Disabled Women Association
Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) is a non-government organization (NGO) established in 1998 adopting the values of the fundamental rights and responsibilities provided by the constitution of Nepal. It supports Women With Disabilities (WWDs) to pursue their human rights through advocacy and a right based approach (RBA).

Nepal Society of the Disabled
A non-profitable, non-governmental, advocacy and service oriented organization of the people with physical disabilities and people with special needs in Nepal

Spinal Cord Injury Association, Nepal 
SCIAN is an organization run by disabled people who advocates for disabled people.  It is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. 

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal
The Center offers rehabilitation services to patients so that they are able to rebuild their lives within the limits of their ability.

Volunteers' Association for Disabled, Nepal
VAD Nepal's mission is to carry out activities and programmes to help disabled and older people become mobile, independent and trained in skills that can lead to employment... and so achieve dignity in their communities.

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